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VOGUE’s sponsored offers campaign was to increase sales of premium sunglasses, as well as strengthen the brand’s visibility on the platform.

Campaign duration: 14 days
SKU: 48

Campaign results:

  1. ROAS: 344%
  2. Sales during the campaign 8 times higher compared to the period just before the campaign
  3. Sales increased by 624% compared to last year

PINKO, a premium women’s clothing and accessories brand, wanted to increase sales of its no-discount products through a sponsored offers campaign.

Campaign duration: 16 days
SKU: 71

Campaign results:

  1. About 14 milion impressions
  2. Reaching over 1,1 milion unique users
  3. 200 pieces of product sold by sponsored offers

Tamaris, a growing casual brand interested in reaching the younger segment, started the sponsored offers campaign to:

  • increase sales of women shoes from the spring-summer collection
  • strengthen its visibility on the platform.

Campaign duration: 17 days
SKU: 1986

Campaign results:

  1. Over 5 milion impressions
  2. ROAS: 890%
  3. Sales increased by 52,3% compared to last year

Jack & Jones brand was promoting men’s items from FW collection on MODIVO. Paid media campaign ​combined Programmatic and Social Media (Facebook & Instagram). The ads generated higher traffic to the brand listing and resulted in increased sales.

Campaign duration: 20 days
Image ads: 16

Campaign results:

  1. Almost 18 million impressions
  2. About 23 000 ad clicks
  3. Sales increased by​ 50%​ compared to period ​just before the campaign​

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