MODIVO - Advertising Services

With our retail media panel you can set up advertising campaigns
and configure sponsored offers independently.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers.
And style is what you choose.”

— Lauren Hutton 

Shoppers review many products before making their decision.
Their behaviors and purchase intentions vary. Sponsored offers in 
MODIVO Ads provide a tool that ensures reaching the customer at every stage of their journey, in line with the context in which they currently are.

Sponsored offers are displayed on:

  • category listing
  • product page
  • shopping cart
  • homepage

Campaign in your hands

You decide which products will be supported, when, and within what budget. After launching the campaign, you can check the results at the campaign level, as well as for individual products. You will analyze sales data to maximize the return on investment in Modivo Ads.

Budget under control

By investing in sponsored offers, you only pay for a click on your product as sponsored. You determine the maximum amount you’re willing to pay per click. The auction system conducts a real-time bidding process among matching products for each impression.

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